News Some Pterodactyl Addons & Themes For Free !
Started by Local_Host

Hello everyone,

Because we reached 1000 members on the site
We decide to offer some free Addons and Themes to our Customers and all updates for free

The Free Addons:
1. Pterodactyl Addon - Custom Pages
2. Pterodactyl Addon - Server Reinstaller
3. Pterodactyl Addon - All Server Power Management
4. Pterodactyl Addon - Server Hider
5. Pterodactyl Addon - Byte (light + dark) + Theme Switcher
6. Pterodactyl Theme | Purple and Grey | FREE

and thank you

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Discord: LocalHost#8547

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thank you very much 

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About 1 month ago

please more free addons

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About 1 month ago

thank you
can you make argon theme for free 😅

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About 1 month ago