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Pterodactyl [v0.7] Theme - Dark ⚡ custom login page ⚡CPU/RAM Pterodactyl [v0.7] Theme - Dark ⚡ custom login page ⚡CPU/RAM [5.2c]

Welcome to my dark pterodactyl panel theme, I made the dark pterodactyl theme for people like me who hate the lightness of the default pterodactyl theme. If you require any assistance with my dark pterodactyl theme,

If you don't already have pterodactyl, pterodactyl is a powerful game control panel made with simplicity in mind, the pterodactyl game control panel application is 100% free, meaning its great for any use. It supports a whole variety of games such as FiveM, Minecraft, CS: GO, Terraria and loads more. The pterodactyl control panel also supports voice servers such as mumble and team speak.

Enjoy my pterodactyl theme.

This is a theme for the pterodactyl panel, it works on the latest version 

Installing and updating the theme:
1. Download the extract the files on your computer.
2. Upload your files to you pterodactyl panel web installation area. (USE FILEZILLA NOT WinSCP PR SOME OTHER APPLICATION)
3. Once the files upload shift+f5 and you should see the theme

Changing the logo:
1. Get your logo on your local computer and name it to logo.png
2. Upload it to the public area of your pterodactyl theme

Changing the colors:
1. Open the custom.php file, at the top, you will see this
2. Change the color1 and color2 to what you wish
3. Save the file and shift+f5 on your panel

Changing the background:
1. Open the custom.php file
2. Change the background to your background image URL
3. Save the file and shift+f5 on your panel


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about 1 year ago
Version 5.2c
about 1 year ago
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