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Pterodactyl [v0.7] Theme - Blues Theme Fixed layout, CPU/RAM/Dis Pterodactyl [v0.7] Theme - Blues Theme Fixed layout, CPU/RAM/Dis [1.0.2]

This theme is for the Pterodactyl panel only. Designed to work on version 0.7.16.

This theme is a heavily edited version of the Pterodactyl default theme, to a fixed width and dark outfit. Theme’s main colors and much more are configurable trough simple PHP-file.

Core Features

  • Customized login page with text buttons and header instructions/texts (translatable)
  • CPU, RAM & Disk usage dynamic update blocks (CRD) on top of the console (can be disabled)
  • Customize main colors on theme config file (style-config.php)
  • Use your own logo on login page and in panel. Customize from theme config file
  • Use your own background on login page
  • Different color scheme for admin panel (also customizable)
  • Customized code editor & CPU+RAM chart colors
  • Use your own CSS using custom.css, custom-login.css and custom-admin.css files
  • Edit (or remove) your own footer notice text
  • Remove Pterodactyl copyright from the panel in theme config
  • Fixed page width with mobile support
  • Icons on start, restart, stop & kill buttons
  • Properly constructed file structure – does not overwrite any data when installing!
  • More? Tell me your ideas!

Screenshots are taken with google chrome zoom 90%, Full HD.



The theme does not contain any files that would overwrite default pterodactyl files. If you have customizations that have been installed directly to templates, you need to add them manually for this theme as well.

  1. Download theme zipfile.
  2. Extract the zip file folder “upload” contents to root of your Pterodactyl panel (default is /var/www/pterodactyl).
  3. Execute these commands:
    cd /var/www/pterodactyl/public/themes/pterodactyl-blues
    sudo cp style-config.php.example style-config.php
    sudo cp custom.css.example custom.css
    sudo cp custom-login.css.example custom-login.css
    sudo cp custom-admin.css.example custom-admin.css​
  4. Open your .env-file with your preferred text editor (eg. nano)
    cd /var/www/pterodactyl
    sudo nano .env​
  5. Find text: APP_THEME=pterodactyl
  6. And replace it with: APP_THEME=pterodactyl-blues
  7. Execute these commands:
    sudo php artisan theme:refresh-cache
    sudo php artisan cache:clear
  8. Navigate to your Pterodactyl panel, and you should see the new theme applied
  9. Configure and customize the theme using style-config.php, custom.css, custom-login.css and custom-admin.css

If you are getting error 500, you most likely did not copy the theme files correctly. Please see installation steps 2 and 6.

If you need assistance with installing the theme, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m more than happy to help you with the installation process if something goes wrong.



nice theme

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